FileFlow is an automated document collection system. It is very cost-effective, convenient and easy to use.

According to existing FileFlow users, the system reduces staff costs for document collection and time wasted by about 70%.

FileFlow uses emails and templates to collect bundles of documents. It is flexible and can easily be adapted to the particular needs of any business, professional firm or organisation.

The system keeps track of any outstanding documents and sends follow-up reminders to clients at predetermined intervals.

FileFlow can be used by any enterprise where collecting documents is paramount for conducting its primary business.

This includes lawyers, accountants, banks, large corporates, BEE verification agencies, wealth managers, attorneys, accountants, property brokers, insurance assessors, academic institutions and many other enterprises where documents must routinely be collected.


  • Staff productivity vastly improved - collection costs reduced by approximately 70%
  • Easy to use - works seamlessly with current systems
  • Client documents collected much faster
  • Transaction turnaround time reduced - quicker billing and payment
  • Compliance significantly improved - better transparency, data protection and audit trail
  • Administrative errors avoided and “copy and paste” errors eliminated
  • Client experience is easy and convenient - avoids frustration of current process
  • Communication with clients in accordance with the firm's standards and style
  • Management can monitor document collection by staff remotely and in real time
  • FileFlow provides continuity by collecting documents even when staff are absent


Lawyers/attorneys/solicitors/legal practitioners

  • Client take-on / KYC procedure
  • Conveyancing
  • Debt collection
  • Billing


  • Client take-on / KYC procedure
  • Preparation of monthly accounts
  • Year-end and audit requirements
  • Tax returns - supporting documents
  • Billing

Large corporates

  • Updating supplier details

Specialised financiers

  • Client take-on / KYC procedure
  • Application forms, bank statements, IDs, pay slips, tax forms

Estate agents/realtors/property brokers/mortgage originators/property developers

  • Client information and documents

Banks/financial institutions/wealth managers

  • KYC/FICA procedure
  • Applications for finance
  • Annual facility reviews
  • Self-certification forms

Insurance claim assessors/loss adjusters

  • Documents required to process and assess claims

BEE verification companies

  • Audited financial statements, management accounts, tax clearance certificate, CIPC documentation

HR departments/recruitment agencies

  • Collecting CVs and supporting documents from candidates
  • New employee onboarding - employment agreement, tax information, ID

Education/schools/academic institutions

  • Applications for student enrolment and supporting documents

Project managers/business advisors/consultants

  • All project- and other documents required from clients



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